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Vivek Shah Ultra Endurance Cyclist RAAM 2021 qualifier

Vivek Shah, a Chartered Accountant of 40 years of age from Ahmedabad, has qualified in Race Across America (RAAM) 2021, the world’s toughest cycle race which includes covering 4800 kms in 12 days.

The Ultra Spice Qualifier race, January 26th 2019 that officially confirmed the RAAM qualification. 600 kms in 29 hours of which 300 kms included climbing on steep terrain was really an experience.

“I do it because I can”

Mentor and Coach

Coached and mentored under Dr. Amit Samarth who was one of the two Indian riders to complete solo RAAM 2017 and first Asian to successfully finish Trans Siberian Extreme 2018.

My Great Grandfather Late Shri Ramanlal Govindlal Shah was among the Gandhians who accompanied Gandhiji from Gandhi Ashram to Dandi to break the tax on salt by the British. Riding 350 kms on my cycle to see my great grandfather’s statue was really a proud moment.

Riding 310.11 kms on my cycle to seek Mataji’s blessings was totally worth the effort.

Riding 2,420 kms from Gandhi Ashram to Attari/Wagha border (via Nagpur, Jhansi, Gwalior, Agra, Delhi, Amrutsar) in 129 hours and 21 minutes with an average of approximate 450 kms in 24 hours.

Motivation gets me moving. Determination keeps me going.

Page 14 of Sandesh Newspaper dated 11th January 2019 carries an article about details of the world’s toughest race (RAAM). It was a matter of privilege to be featured in the paper. Grateful for the support.

The most gentle creature.

Motherly love. Good omen on starting the week.

Eyes Forward
Mind focused
Heart ready
Game on, World

Eyes Forward
Mind focused
Heart ready
Game on, world.

Condition: Cycling addict

Side effects may include sweating, happiness and a general sense of awesomeness.

Training on steep terrain surfaces of Mt. Abu.

Beautiful place, beautiful weather as well.

Training on top to reach the top.